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Q-Link Seen Worn by Jimmy Page on Cover

Dr. Larry Altshuler, MD - Author: Balanced Healing... "A great, unique and timely product.

"I've noticed a substantial increase in my own energy level and less stress since I began wearing the Q-Link". Many of my staff wear Q-Links and experience similar benefits, especially those who work with computers all day. The Q-Link Pendant is a great, unique and timely product."

Roger Daltrey of the WHO seen Wearing Q-Link

Pat Cash - Wimbledon Winner, One of Australia's Greatest Tennis Players ...."I have worn a Q-Link for years now with great success, I recover better from training, have more energy whether playing with my kids on the guitar or on the tennis court and as far as injury recovery...

well at 41 I'm still playing competition tennis. I just wish Q-Link was around 20 years ago."

Erin Naas - Model

"Not only is my Q-Link constellation necklace beautiful and fashionable it helps me focus, whether I'm planning my work schedule (which can be 16 hour days when in competition with one of my horses), I'm fully there and nowhere else. In an industry where you need to look and feel rested, the Q-Link provides me that extra advantage to multitask efficiently and be in the moment. Thank you Q-Link! "

Barbara Bandy..... "I have more energy, more focus, more optimism wearing the Q-Link..."

"I purchased my Q-Link 4 weeks ago.  I have not been without it since! Over the years, I have used a number of "alternative" energy products, but this is the only one, which delivers exactly what it says it will do. Within 2 days, I felt balanced body, mind and soul. Day to day stresses and challenges no longer upset me, or give me that horrible feeling in my gut.  I am functioning at top of my form, but without the anxiety, which the stresses of my life were causing me. I only wish I had discovered Q-Link 10 years ago. I have more energy, more focus, more optimism wearing the Q-Link. I do not pretend to understand exactly how it functions, but then again, I don't need to understand. I only know it works. I would recommend Q-Link to anyone with an open mind who understands that we are all "energy".

John Murphy, MD...complex rhythms come much easier, and the E.R. is less stressful." I am an E.R. doctor by profession, and a drummer by passion. The first is very stressful, the latter joyous. Since trying the Q-Link, they are becoming much more integrated.  Complex rhythms come much easier, and the E.R. is less stressful."

Margo Anand - Author..."It allows me to stay calm and centered in high intensity situations. To me, the Q-Link is a short cut to meditation."

Ken Wilber - President, The Integral Institute ..."Amplifies and clarifies the body's energies..."The Q-Link is a technology that amplifies and clarifies the body's energies. By reducing the noise in any energy field, this technology strengthens and purifies the body's own energies. This technology has been scientifically demonstrated to enhance the body's ability to protect itself from harmful environmental radiation, and thus it helps to remove harmful influences on the organism's health and well being. This technology therefore removes some of the blocks to inner transformation to higher and healthier states of being."  Ken Wilber is a Philosopher and Author of A Brief History of Everything.

Jerry Burt - Real Food Company ... "I felt the need to tell you of the incredible results I've seen in my store "

"My name is Jerry Burt and I manage the Sausalito store for the Real Food Company - a five store chain of Natural Health Food grocery stores. Rarely do I put pen to paper, but in this case I felt the need to tell you of the incredible results I've seen in my store, with my staff and customers since I bought your Q-Link ClearWave 2 Systems. As I said, my store is in Sausalito - just across the bay from San Francisco. The pace here in the Bay Area has increased dramatically over the past few years. Along with that increase has been a real increase in the stress of my customer base.  Everybody is always in a hurry and my staff could not ring up customers or answer questions fast enough for them.  I tried everything - playing soft music dimming the lights, creating more visual space, I even tried burning sage! Nothing was working and my staff was getting burnt out from all the customers' stress. As you can imagine this was causing ME, as a manager, problems, because from a customer service perspective, I felt that customers were leaving the store just as stressed out as when they walked in! I did not feel that I was giving them a HEALTHY and ENJOYABLE shopping experience. After plugging in the ClearWave units, I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference in how my customers acted in the store. No longer did I hear loud impatient sighs coming from the check out lines and customers are much more polite to my staff and each other.  Recently I have heard customers say "your store has some good energy" or " I can spend hours in your store."  These comments are music to my ears. I am pleased to report that my customers are having a great shopping experience and my staff are happier too. Your ClearWave System helped increase overall customer and staff satisfaction. But what I did not expect was that my sales would also increase. Since May 1, 2000, the store has experienced the best end of the month totals in its 22 year history.  We have realized an unseasonably high 15% sales increase the past two months and July is looking just as strong - incidentally, the summer months are our slowest months. The ClearWave System paid for itself in 1 week. So, Thank you CIarus for alerting me to the benefits of the Q-Link ClearWave 2 System. I believe I made one of my wisest investments."

Justin Rose - PGA Champion... "Not many products as successful in terms of victory on the PGA tour. You can walk up and down this range, and you can look for drivers, putters, wedges, but there's not many products that have been as successful as the Q-Link in terms of victories on the PGA tour."

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