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Dr. Nancy Turner, D.C.
Dillon, Colorado

I have been recommending the Q-Link® for the past 2 years, to my patients and personal friends. I have known about the harmful effects of Electro magnetic fields for over 20 years, and measured them with a gauss meter, to show my patients how their cell phones, computers, and microwaves, negatively affect their health. The meter shows the harmful fields (over 2 milligauss) that radiate out from these devices. The Q-Link® clearly blocks this harmful radiation of energy, and can counter it's harmful effects. I have personally felt the ability of the Q-Link® to protect and enhance the biofield, and also been able to measure this through muscle testing, with my patients. Their muscle response is much stronger when wearing a Q-Link® pendant or bracelet, and the effects of radiation from the electromagnetic fields that abound in our environment (wi-fi networks, power lines, and geopathic stress, or harmful zones of energy that emanate from beneath the earth's surface) are greatly reduced. Patients report greater levels of energy, a more balanced response to stress, and less fatigue after hours around these fields.

I wouldn't be without my Q-Link®!

Ken Wilber
President, The Integral Institute, Boulder, CO
Philosopher and author of A Brief History of Everything and 16 other books on consciousness and Integral theory and practice

The Q-Link® is a technology that amplifies and clarifies the body's energies. By reducing the noise in any energy field, this technology strengthens and purifies the body's own energies. This technology has been scientifically demonstrated to enhance the body's ability to protect itself from harmful environmental radiation, and thus it helps to remove harmful influences on the organism's health and well being. This technology therefore removes some of the blocks to inner transformation to higher and healthier states of being.


Jure Robic
2008 Race Across America Winner - 4 Time RAAM Champion
Attributes Victory to Q-Link®

After I started wearing Q-Link®, I soon noticed improved endurance, faster regeneration after many hours of trainings and easier focusing on positive thinking. I also feel better when I am not training, so I feel very confident for the top competition challenges.


Alex Shabelov
American Chess Grandmaster
2007 U.S. Champion Chess Player Pittsburgh, PA

My mental coach introduced me to Q-Link® in April 2007, a couple of weeks before the US Championship. At that point, my chess had been in a slow but steady (and extremely frustrating) decline for a few years. So I felt that to wear some weird device just to please the old man couldn't hurt. I felt no difference in my physical or psychological condition until, a month later, I found myself getting the winner's check and the 2007 US Champion's bracelet! Although I was not a stranger to winning big events throughout my career, things were completely different this time. Normally it would take me months to recover from a tournament of this magnitude, to calm my nerves. But this time, although I was physically exhausted, I felt emotionally unscathed. Now that I have my groove back and my concentration is stronger than ever, I'm enjoying one of the best years of my chess career. Does Q-Link® have anything to do with that? I don't know, but guess if I care! There are two World Cups for me to play, classical chess in November in Russia and rapid chess in January in Ukraine I know that I have a secret weapon - my Q-Link®

Erin Naas


Not only is my constellation necklace beautiful and fashionable it helps me focus, whether I'm planning my work schedule (which can be 16 hour days when in competition with one of my horses), I'm fully there and nowhere else. In an industry where you need to look and feel rested the Q-Link® provides me that extra advantage to multitask efficiently and be in the moment. My otherwise gentle mannered Arabian Stallion had a tendency to walk his stall causing him to not keep weight on. I braided a Q-Link® into his mane and within only a couple days he ceased to walk his stall and I'm happy to report he has put on nearly 50lbs. Thank you Q-Link®!

Anne DeMarie
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor - University of California, Irvine

I'm surprised that I'm not exaggerating when I say that the Q-Link® has changed my life. I am an executive assistant, so I sit in front of a computer for at least 8 hours per day. When I am not at work, I am on my cell phone, in my car with Bluetooth, on a plane, or at home where I have wireless internet, wireless phones, etc. My energy level and fatigue had been low for many years. I have seen many doctors who have tried to treat me for adrenal fatigue, low blood sugar and hormonal imbalances. A few months ago, despite my herbs, supplements and nutrition, it got to the point where I could barely sit up at my desk after 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. I started really asking myself (my inner Self) what I could do. The answer came that it could be the result of sensitivity to EMF's (I have a sensitive constitution to begin with), and I recalled that about eight years ago I had worn a Q-Link® for about a year. At the time, I was working for the University of Santa Monica, and they provided all of their employees with one. I only wore it when I was at work in front of the computer, and I didn't experience any noticeable difference in my wellbeing, so I stopped using it. I decided to check out your website again and was interested to see that you were still in business and had good research information available. I read that you recommend wearing it 24 hours per day (which is not how I used it in 2000). I decided I had nothing to lose given your 90-day trial. Within a week of wearing the Q-Link® 24 hours per day, my energy changed dramatically. For the first time in my adult life, my energy is totally consistent from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night. I do not have energy slumps in the afternoon. After work, I have the same amount of energy I had when I went to work in the morning. In the past, I could barely stay out of bed in the evenings, now I have to remind myself to go to bed! I just received the sterling silver version, which is very beautiful and a great alternative to the more casual white one. I'm so pleased with the results that I had to write and tell you. Anyone who tells me they have low energy will get an earful from me about the Q-Link®. Thank you for the technology you have made available to me!

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