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About Q-Link

Q-Link® is the most advanced personal energy system available today. A quarter century of frontier research has given birth to the 
Q-Link®, a sleek line of body worn products that tune your being for optimal living and performance: More energy, less stress, greater focus, enhanced well-being and more. Discover for yourself why individuals of every background the world over hold their Q-Link® product in such high regard. It's the life tool that makes everything you are, do and aspire to be, effortlessly better.

Q-Link® Benefits:

  • More Energy and Mental Clarity

  • Less Stress

  • Better Sleep

  • Enhanced Stamina and Endurance

  • Improved Well-Being

You May Feel Different Immediately.

Most people experience improvements within 30 days. Even if you don't notice a difference, FDA-registered Biomeridien Stress Testing document that Q-Link® is constantly strengthening your resistance to the negative effects of stress.


  • A cell containing a proprietary forumla of pure crystalline elements strengthens your Biofield.

  • SRT-3 tunes the cell's vibrations of your Biofield

  • Copper amplifies Q-Link® to tune your entire Biofield

  • 100% waterproof casing seals in the science

Q-Link®'s power lasts a lifetime.


  • Q-Link® Research
    Studies conducted at the University of California at Irvine, Imperial College at London, University of Vienna’s Institute of Environmental Health and independent clinics support the efficacy of both categories of SRT™ (Sympathetic Resonance Technology™) products:


    • ‘Passive’ SRT products help to clarify and support the wearers biofield through a subtle, direct interaction with the wearer. Passive products include Pendants, Bracelets and other Body Worn Applications.

      ‘Active’ SRT products help to clarify and support the users biofield by enhancing the environments in which the user lives, works or otherwise occupies. Active products include Nimbus, Ally, ClearWave, etc

    Tiller EEG/EMF Study
    A Double Blind EEG-Response Test for a supposed Electromagnetic Field-Neutralizing Device

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